Friday, 6 December 2013

Astral Projections

Sugar Coated
Scrumptious illusions
Perfect Fusions

Intergalactic Astral Dreams
More Real
Than Life
It seems

written by Flower

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Palace of Bliss

Many Beings on Gaia
With materialistic disillusions
Inside a confining Dungeon
Of Egotistical attachment
Clinging on
So much Desire
So much Craving
Never fulfilled
Always searching
An External Palace of Bliss

Is it an irreversible path of suffering?
Always Tortured by visions of past actions
Thoughts of this Never Ending Ocean of Mundane Existence
Going on for Eternity

But it doesn't

The seasons
This year
Last year
They are all certainly Impermanent
and so is your Torment

written by Flower or otherwise known as alexandra jane...... xxx

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

vintage look of the day

  Flowers son Lucian River and Rainbow Moon
Wandering through dalt villa on an autumn day..sunny spells
Aunty Bow and Lucian Rocking the vintage look in Dalt Villa
Tre golly gosh you look fabulous darling.loving thosr pink velvet open toed platforms...

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Rains of the Harbour

Harmonious Humming of the sterns on Yachts in the Harbour
Its Pouring down from Heavens
Drenching the White Island of Wonder
Not long after it Thundered
Rain came down Harder
I could no longer see the boats from the terrace
Sitting indoors with the Fire alight
Appreciating the beautiful moment of nature
Sounds of Rain hitting the ground
The fast hardness
Natures wave
Crying on a full Moon
Earth saying "I am full"
and exhaling
Gaia will see a new beginning
Her soul has been cleansed of summer past
My breath paused again
A flash of Lightning appeared
Overwhelming yet Fearful
Thankyou Gaia for making yourself known to me in 

xxx written by Flower